Choha Khalsa history

The word Choha means a water spring, and Khalsa is related to Sikh movement. Khalsa is a strict Sikh religious order founded in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh. the term Khalsa is a an Arabic word there are various interpretations to the term Khalsa . one of the general meaning of the term is free from impurities of pure. this term also defined as the land or estate, which belongs directly to the king with out any intermediary claims of lords/ noble or farmer to the same in the district Rawalpindi, Pakistan some villages go by the name of Dehra Khalsa, Thoa Khalsa, Choha Khalsa, etc they were so named because they were state owned villages during Sikh rule in Punjab. Choha Khalsa village is at about 60km from Rawalpindi, in the east direction . Choha Khalsa is union council of Tehsil Kallar Seyedan, district Rawalpindi ,Pakistan.

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